Request an extract from the commercial register

You can request your current commercial register excerpt securely, quickly and conveniently online here.

Request an extract from the commercial register online

Here you can request your desired current commercial register excerpt online in just a few steps. You will receive it as a PDF to your e-mail address within a few minutes. Use our service for automatic delivery after three or six months.

Electronic extract from the commercial register

E-mail dispatch within a few minutes.

No membership or subscription

You do not need a membership or subscription.

Express shipping

E-mail dispatch within 10 minutes.

Official originals

We only send original official extracts

Questions and answers

Here we answer all your questions about our service. When will I receive my extract from the commercial register? What happens if the company cannot be researched? What payment methods are offered? If we are unable to answer any of your questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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